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History, Trivia and Contemporary Society

Lies, Lies and 7 More Lies

Somebody (Hitler? Goebbels? Lenin? Trotsky?) once said, “If you tell a big enough lie loud enough and long enough people will eventually believe it.”  It’s terribly ironic that, in the … Continue reading

February 27, 2015 · Leave a comment

And The Oscar Goes To……WTF!

The Academy Awards are over for another year.  What a joke!   The one bright spot was Neil Patrick Harris and he’s still getting pummelled across Social Media.  Quite frankly, at … Continue reading

February 24, 2015 · 3 Comments

Chinese New Year — Bitter and Twisted

Happy Chinese New Year!  With that in mind, here is a reissue of the 12 Years of the Chinese Calendar (if they were honest!)  See if you can recognize any … Continue reading

February 20, 2015 · Leave a comment


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